Horse Ranch Brand

In order to protect your livestock including horses, they need to be branded. “What is that?”, you might ask. The definition of a brand is a permanent defining mark of ownership. In the United States, brands are widely used to denote different ranches and owners. It is also a great deterrent to theft.The Department of Agriculture is the most likely place that regulates brands in your state. Brands must be registered and approved by the regulating entity. Below, are some information about brands that you might not be aware of. These will give you a better understanding of brands for horses.

Horse Ranch Brand

Horse Brand – In Detail:

  1. Branding dates back to the Egyptians. They branded their oxen with hieroglyphics. Ancient Greeks and Romans branded their stock and slaves before conventional branding was introduced from Spain to the new World in 1541.
  2. Brands are very important in proving ownership of lost or stolen horses. An unbranded animal is called a “slick” and often are practically impossible to identify owners of them.
  3. Horse brands, in addition, need good photographs of each animal. If stolen you must contact your local branding authorities to have them check slaughter houses and the like. Some also use a computer chip embedded under the skin, though most owners do not use them.
  4. Popular horse brand positions are left or right hip or left or right shoulder. Thorobredshave a tattoo inside the lower lip for identification.
  5. Apply your brand properly. The iron should be hot enough (looks like the color of ashes) but not red hot. This mark will accompany your horse their whole life and could be the best gift you give them if applied correctly. Many people that buy horses and find brands on them wonder where they came from. The best way to get information about your horses brand is to contact the local brand inspector. He has all the information you are likely to need about these brands.

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