Horse Ranch Vacation

Staying on a horse ranch would be a vacation like you have never experienced before. Whether you have been riding horses for years or have never done it before, there really is something for everyone at a ranch. Some of the most popular activities that are available at most ranches are described below.

Horse Ranch Vacation

Horseback Riding:

It makes sense that a prominent activity at a ranch is horseback riding as this is the thing that most people associate with this type of vacation. There will be lessons available for those who have never ridden before and those with more experience may be able to ride on their own. Horseback riding is an activity that is suitable for all ages and so is something that the whole family can get involved in.


There are usually a lot of hiking trails around the ranch that you can also take advantage of. This can be a great way to explore the ranch and the surrounding area at your own pace. The hiking trails will usually be clearly marked and there will be maps available from the ranch so you can easily find your way.


If there is a lake at the ranch then you may be able to take a swim in the lake. There will be clear signs that are displayed which will let you know which areas are safe for swimming. Depending on the size of the lake there may also be other water sports that are offered at the ranch.


Singing songs around the campfire is one of the best parts of taking a horse ranch vacation. This is something that is usually offered at least a few evenings per week and is definitely something that you will want to take part in. Traditional campfire foods will be served such as roasted marshmallows and you will have the chance to toast your own food in the fire.


You may be lucky enough to catch a rodeo at the time you are staying at the ranch. These are shows which showcase the talents of horses that belong to the ranch and the cowboys that ride them. They sometimes include displays such as bronco riding and rounding up cat